Monday, 12 September 2016

Getting back into it

I seem to blog the same way I diet - sporadically and half-arsed.

This gap was probably the longest Latest Lil has been dormant. It got to a point where my friends were introducing me as a blogger, then I'd have to quickly brush it off saying that I hadn't blogged in months.

I was on a roll with outfit posts for a while because I was in college and didn't have a job. But, money goes fast and it got to a point where I couldn't support myself on what was left in my bank account from my previous job and savings, 'cause, was empty. I'm one of those 24 year olds that doesn't have a savings account - and that stresses me out. Anyway, I got a job which depleted any chances of shooting for outfit posts due to mismatched work and college schedules.

Sometimes I think, if I really wanted to be a blogger would someone say "if you want to make it happen you should do everything in your power to do it", but does that involve paying someone to shoot your outfits? 'Cause there is no way in hell I'd do that. I'm waaaaay too stingy with my money (friends will vouch for this)  and not to mention so self conscious and shy with that kinda thing. I've only really become confident asking friends to take my photo in the past couple of months. I know I can get over the shyness, but the money...I can't justify paying someone when I'm only making enough to toddle along. This time 'round I'll make more of an effort to meet with friends to take my photographs and maybe buy them a coffee as payment...?

I'm also feeling so lumpy and bumpy lately that I don't feel good in anything I wear which doesn't exactly get me hopping out of bed to take some outfit shots. I was one of those 17 year olds who was blessed with a relatively flat stomach, however, I still had my hips and thighs back then. I would eat anything I wanted and friends would say "how the hell can you eat so much and not have a tummy", I'd shrug and say it all went to my bottom half. But now, oh now, it's all catching up - my stomach is now a tummy - it's not as flat or as toned as it used to be and that's what's annoying the shit out of me. And what am I doing about it? Nooooothing! I really should get a groove on. I admire people with the will power to completely transform their bodies. Oh to be them!

Anyway, here I am again, starting back on the bandwagon. Lets see if I can keep it going for a considerable amount of time. Oh, and keep an eye out for a resurrection on my YouTube too, just search "Latest Lil".




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