Friday, 4 March 2016

Monochromatic Nude

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Coat: Topshop // Polo neck: New Look // Jumper: my mums // Trousers: Beacon's Closet NYC // Stan Smiths: Foot Locker

Hey March! Howerya doin'?

February was a bad month with very little blogging, even less exercising and no romancing with the time of year it was. However, these can be fixed and March is off to a good start. By tomorrow I will have been to the gym three times this week - which is usually the consistency I need to get back on track; I'm posting this early in the month with another post already lined up; and after fixing some shelves and hanging a light installation above the kitchen table in my apartment, I've re-realised that I most certainly do not need a do the handy work...I'd still like one though so if you're a hybrid of Jake Gyllenhaal, Harrison Ford and a long haired, bearded warrior hit me up, yo.

I shot this with my friend Robin, someone who thankfully doesn't find blog photography a nuisance. It's great to have someone who enjoys doing it - she does it for me and I do it for her - collaborating at it's finest. I really like this outfit but I always have the thought "this would look much better on a slimmer figure", and it would, I honestly think it would. I always think it must be so easy for the tall slim bloggers to throw an outfit together without worrying about their bulge showing or legs looking stump-like (yes, I'm well jeal of them). But then I look at fuller figure girls who I follow who look so cool in their clothes no matter what the size. It's those girls that help me realise that it's not so much about your body and figure - it's all about the clothes and the confidence you wear with them (I know, how High School Musical of me). So even though I'm not a fan of how my legs look in these trousers, I share these outfit posts because this is the body I have and if I want to show off my style then I've got to do it with, excuse me for this, what my momma gave me. Damn genes.




  1. Love the outfit and the photos !


  2. The photos look ace. And I love the neutral colour pallet- Definitely something I want to try but I struggle to let go of my black skinny jeans.

    Also agreed about confidence and accepting ourselves. Your honesty is refreshing.