Saturday, 6 February 2016

Resolutions Update - Triumphs & Failures

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If you read my New Year's Resolutions post you'd know that one goal I wanted to hit was TWO THOUSAND followers on my Instagram by March 1st. Well, let me tell you, I well and truly hit that mark two days ago and I'm delighted with myself. Although, at the same time, I'm slightly worried I'm taking this Instagram fellowship a little too seriously...? Is it a bad thing to be obsessed with Instagram? Maybe I'll leave that question for another in depth post.

I decided to use this post as an update for some of the goals I set myself at the begining of the year. Some are a success and others are...well, not so successful.

Obviously the IG announcement is a big win! Yay! On the blogging side of things it's also been a positive one. January saw 4 posts published and I'm determined February will get the same treatment. 

In regard to reading, I'm on my second book, but I'm giving my phone more attention than Gregory David Roberts' adventures (author of the book I'm reading). It's awful, I know. I love reading but most nights I find myself stuck to my phone before I go to bed, and it's before bed when I read. The first book I dove into was 'Junk' by Melvin Burgess. The gist of the story is based in the 80s around the lives of teenagers living in Bristol led astray by drugs. My mum had hyped it up to be this amazing shocking read - she read this in the 90s unexposed to the truths of drugs I guess - I really enjoyed it but I think because mum had been so shocked by it I thought it was going to be a little bit more dark than it was. Don't get me wrong, it's still awful the way the characters lived, but it was nothing that I hadn't already heard about. Despite that factor, it was still a great book. I've now moved onto Shantaram, a 936 page novel about Gregory himself and his time in Bombay. I'll let you know how that goes in my next update post. 

Healthy eating and fitness. Don't ask - cause I'm gonna tell you anyway. It's not good. The start of January went really well, then I went on a complete 10 day bender while on a mini road trip with some friends and then continued when we came back to Dublin. After that I got sick for about a week and that threw me. I said fuck the diet I'm eating whatever I want. I recovered 2 days ago and have lost all motivation. For the past couple of days I've had one of those large Galaxy bars and a giant bag of bacon fries every night. Have you tried the new Galaxy salted caramel bars? My local Tesco Express is selling them for €1.50 each and I'd like to see Jesus himself during lent try to resist that kind of delicious offer. So as you can tell, I haven't checked the scales nor have I been to the gym in two weeks. I feel so bloated and huge I reckon I look horrible in anything I wear. I generally like my waist but it has definitely grown at least two inches which feels shit, which I guess, is a push to get back working out and rationing my meals. I wish I could just buy a fast metabolism, mais, C'est La Vie!

February is a new month and I'm going to try once again to maintain a stable diet and exercise regime, grab my book before my phone and carry on with my regular blog posts and Insta snaps. 



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