Saturday, 30 January 2016

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Ever find yourself discovering photos of some amazing outfit on the internet and not knowing how the hell to go about figuring out where it came from? Well, may the Hunt, literally, help you hunt.

My housemate actually found this site and showed it to me. I'm so bloody glad she did. (Thanks Elle!) For some reason I always thought the type of photos you see with intricately embroidered blouses or those too cool for school sunglasses would never ever be accessible to me. I used to think these items were only exclusively available to people who could afford it or someone to make it look good on Instagram. There's no rational reasoning behind why I thought this, but when I was introduced to the Hunt, I realised I had been pretty ignorant.

SOOOOO, what the hunt does: You find a picture of something you may want to buy if it's within you price range, but, you don't know where to get it.
Upload the picture to the, you state whether you want the exact item or something similar and your price range. Then other users, who may know where the item is from, comment and link you to the piece.

By the way this is not an ad! I wish I got paid to write this post, but I'm doing it simply to spread the word about this unreal site! It's helped me many times to find something I've spotted on Pinterest or Instagram! Laaaaaaaater, Lil

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