Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 New Year Resolutions

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Right. Let's talk resolutions.

I've begun writing this post in a towel after showering from my first workout of 2016. I'm sore, jelly legged and certainly not feeling fit and flirty. I didn't go out for the big celebrations, as you may already know if you read my previous post. You can read that here. I went to Galway city with my mum on New Year's Eve, I told her that that day was my last 24 hours of indulgence for a while. So for dinner, we had a greasy takeaway of burgers and chips and bought a shopping bag full, yes you heard me - a shopping bag full, sack of chocolate. So in the evening of December 31st, my sister, her husband, mum and I watched Spectre with cups of tea and bags of Malteasers. Delish. The Malteasers of course, not Daniel Craig.

That night I went to bed feeling confident that I'd wake up a new woman (it feels strange referring to myself as a woman) with the strongest will power, drive and determination to achieve what I want to in 2016. However, I woke up thinking, Fuuuuuuuuuck this.

SO HERE WE ARE! 2016! And I'm writing this post to set my resolutions in stone so I can update you guys, maybe in 6 months to see how I'm doing. I thought about what my aims for the year would be and when I told my mum and brother, they both said my ideas had to be more solid with realistic goals to aim towards. For instance, one thing I said was to lose weight, but my brother roared up and said I had to deicide on a certain amount of weight to lose a month and what my goal weight would be.


I want to try and lose AT LEAST half a stone a month 'til I've lost around 10million stone. Kidding! Realistically I'd like to drop at least three stone but also build some muscle and tone up. With my goal of losing seven pounds a month it'll take me six months. Ugh. To be running 5km by summer would be ideal and I also want my abs to be as flat as a pancake, excuse the overused idiom. Am I aiming too high? Not sure, but let see how it goes.

Ideally posting 2-4 blog posts a month. So many successful blogs I've read have said that it's all down to consistency and I'm going to work hard to achieve that.
I currently have 1690 followers on Instagram. I'd love to hit 2k by March 1st. 

I want to try going vegetarian for a week, and then do it for a month. Educating myself on nutrition would be great too but I don't see myself doing that. When people start talking about saturated fats and sugars I go blank.

I'd like to start reading more, maybe 8-10 books in the year. It sounds very little but if you think about it 12 books would be 1 per month and I'm a slow reader so 8-10 is a good start I reckon.

That's it! Happy 2016 and here's to my attempt to abide these resolutions!




  1. Great resolutions and very achievable. I not a fan of resolutions but setting goals for myself like you have.

    Good luck!

  2. Educating yourself on eating well is def something I'm going to try too, you should check out 'Cowspiracy' too it makes you think a bit about eating less meat/saving the world. I have a 12 book goal for this year currently trying to get 1 ticked off.
    Best of Luck, looking forward to the update!