Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Top Picks: Lace Bralets

Lace Bralets

From top left clockwise; Lilac bralet: New Look  //  Mint bralet: Topshop  //  Black bralet: River Island  // 
 Red bralet: New Look

About a year ago I began noticing the trend of lace bralets cropping up everywhere. I bagged one from the ASOS sale at the start of the summer, you may have spotted a snap of it on my Instagram a couple of months ago?

Anyway, I'm constantly looking for reasonably affordable ones to wear because, quite frankly, I hate traditional bras. Ugh, they're SO uncomfortable! Here are my top four picks, which is your favourite? To be fair, I know the Topshop one is slightly on the splurge side but compared to one's from For Love & Lemons it's acceptable. And ermagherd it's so pretty!

My sale buy from ASOS last year. Find me @Latest_Lil on Instagram




  1. Topshop is a splurge... but a worthy one. I bought a Topshop bra and bralet lately and they put all my Penneys ones to shame! x

  2. Nice bra's

  3. Definitely going to have to try your picks out! I love the Aerie ones, SO cheap and such an assortment!