Sunday, 25 January 2015

Glasses - Trichrome Eyewear

 A few months ago, Trichrome Eyewear, got in contact with me and asked if I would like to test out a pair of glasses of my choice from their website. Being a bat with the cheapest Specsaver glasses available I jumped at the chance to own a pair that don't fall apart or lose their fit after a few wears. I'm a sucker for big glasses. At the age of 13, when I first discovered I needed glasses, I chose the most inconspicuous pair, you know, the €29 panel in Specsaver's comprising of easily breakable fiddly pairs that your Granny would most likely wear. I really really REALLY didn't want to wear glasses but I couldn't keep glancing over at my neighbours copybook every time we had to take something down from the board in class. So, I sucked it up and joined the four eyes community.  When I hit 17, I think I became more confident in my appearance and developed a "fuck it" attitude to what I wore and how I appeared to others. Now I didn't dress too elaborately but I'm from the country in the west of Ireland and ANYTHING out of the ordinary was considered "weird". I used to wear red converse with blue laces and my friends, especially the boys, would laugh and call them clown shoes. It was around this time I realised that small glasses didn't suit me...I needed to change it up a bit. It was around 2009 and I remember the thick rimmed rectangular glasses were THE shape to wear but they looked bloody dreadful on me. I was in a bit of a pickle 'cause I didn't want to pay a ridiculous price for a pair but the cheap ones were all so damn ugly. It was only when my MOTHER got her pair in the men's cheap section did I realise I wanted the same pair. Tortoise shell, over-sized and under €30, yes please I'll take a pair! Well, didn't everyone at school and friends of mine have a great laugh. They teased for a bit but eventually agreed that they, in fact, suited me. 

For fellow spec-wearers, you'll know what I mean when I say it's a great feeling when you find a pair that suits you and you no longer have to spend AGES in the opticians trying different shapes and sizes. 

Onto the actual spectacles. Trichrome had a pretty good selection and it took me a while to choose. They've got sunglasses and optical pairs to chose from, THESE are my favourite sunnies from the site. They offer random colour combinations which are pretty damn cool, although I do like my minimalist blacks and greys too. The only thing I don't like about buying glasses online is how do you know they're going to suit you? I took a chance on this pair and thank GHAD they worked with my face. They're strong and sturdy and the arms don't become loose which I find SO many pairs do that. If you like them, you can buy them HEREThe site's got a bit of a quirky edge offering an engraving service and asked if I wanted mine to be engraved. And well sure of course I did, scroll down and you see can see what I asked for. It's a bit stupid but I couldn't think of anything more apt to engrave on a pair of specs. I have yet to get proper prescription lenses put in so I can actually SEE through this pair but sure you'll have that! 

It's mad, this is my first post of 2015. WHOOPS! I promise I'll be back blogging regularly from now on. 

I'm thinking of doing a glasses/short-sighted related YouTube video for my channel if anyone would fancy watching something like that!? If you haven't subscribed already make sure to do that too, you can do it RIGHT HERE. THANKS SO MUCH!




  1. These glasses are looking super cute !


  2. I know that feeling of finding the perfect pair. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would be to switch to another one if ever my current ones break for some reason. Anyway, I agree about that particular problem with buying glasses, or stuff in general, from online shops. But there are shops nowadays that let you try two to three pairs for a week or two, so you could decide if which one you’d like to keep. That being said, here’s to short-sightedness! Cheers!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

  3. I think almost all people who wear glasses go through that awkward and uncomfortable time of getting used to wearing them. It seems that owning the kind of the eye wear that you really want helped build up your confidence in the end. Anyway, this pair from Trichrome seems like a great fit as well, and you can never go wrong with a cool, sturdy pair. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great day!

    Jacquelyn Hart @ Find Clarity Vision Clayton

  4. There’s nothing remotely ‘weird’ about wearing glasses. They are very functional, great face out-liners, and they improve your vision too! So yes; go ahead and wear glasses! That said, finding the right style and shape takes a round of trial and error, a few tries spent on thin ones and then on thicker ones, until you find the one that fits perfectly. And of course, all the spec-wearers went to this stage. Thanks for sharing your little story!

    Lucius Calhoun @ Bolton Vision Centre