Monday, 3 November 2014

Slouchy Tailoring

Coat: Missguided // Shirt: Forever21 // Trousers: Zara // Shoes and Bag: Primark/Penneys // Bracelet: Miss Selfridge

New post for y'all! Most of these items are featured in my latest HAUL video on my YT channel, you can catch that HERE. I braved taking photos out in public again and I'm glad I did. I'm getting so sick of the same setting at home in my posts. I really have to balls up a bit more to do more shots like these. This was a very quiet place with very little people, THANK GOD. I'm very much liking the whole tailored trousers look instead of wearing jeans with everything. I'm not going to talk much about it as I already blabbed about that in my video. Make sure to go watch that by the way and also subscribe if you fancy, because I looove subscribers. I had planned to wear a really cool shiny silver bag with this outfit but unfortunately as mum and I were leaving the house heading into town she asked me to get out at our shed and open the door to let our chickens out. I scrambled out, wanting to get it over and done with so we could get into town quickly, and what did I do? I bloody caught my foot in the handle of the bag and ripped it right off. It was only €3 so I'm not surprised it happened but I'm SO SAD ABOUT IT. Anyway I ended up wearing my trusty Penneys tote that I bring to college everyday. It is possibly the best bag ever. 

Another thing I want to talk about, is how dark my eyes look in this post? Fair enough they look like this is most posts but I find it so annoying! They look very deep set when I'm pretty sure they're not and I feel like a face with two hollow holes for eyes. WAH! Does this happen to anyone else?




  1. Girl your eyes look fine! You look stunning and how gorgeous is your coat!

  2. Great look, love the shape of the coat and the shoes x

  3. Love your coat!
    - Grace xx

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