Saturday, 22 November 2014

November Wish List

November wishlist

Puma trainers: HERE // The Balm palette: HERE // Zara coat: HERE // Wacth: HERE // ASOS scarf: HERE

I've been a bit crap with wish lists lately and I think they're quite a fun post to do!?  Anyhow, I'm slowly building up to a few things that I'm starting to really really want. After purchasing my dream grey coat, you can check it out in an outfit post HERE, I figure it's time to invest in a reasonable camel coat. In contrast to my slouchy cocoon shaped grey coat I think I'd prefer a more fitted, tailored finish to a camel coat.  This ZARA one seems perfect, the right length and minimal detail. Although it looks shapeless, those sneaky darts make it fit that much better.

I spotted these Puma's on someone else's wish list and for the life of me I can't remember who's. I'm really into trainers lately and these ones just caught my eye. I already have black nikes so I thought opting for a pastel shade would be a good idea. I had a £100 voucher for ASOS and I ended up actually buying these from that voucher. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM TO ARRIVE!

This palette is THE BALM, like if you pronounce it like the bomb? Ya know? Yea yea you get it! I've seen this all over the place especially on beauty YouTube channels. After watching all the review and tutorial videos on this product it's made me really want it. The palette also provides these little stencils that aid you in perfecting winged liner which is such a nice little touch.

WORLD MAP WATCH! Who doesn't want this? I saw a white version of this but can't find it anywhere but the brown is pretty slick too.

I'm very into colour blocking scarves lately especially ones in the shades of black,blue,grey and beige. I've seen quite a few bloggers rocking this type of faux fur scarf  and I want to join the party. ASOS have a brill selection of scarves lately too so this is one amongst about 5 that I have my eye on.




  1. Love the look, very nice shoes !


  2. I've had my eye on that ASOS scarf as well! x