Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bohemian Fur

Jumper & skirt: Forever21 // Boots: Office // faux fur stole: New Look // Sunnies: Primark/Penneys // Bag: Urban Outfitters


How is everyone?

Thought I would debut my latest purchases on here to show you all. This skirt and this jumper, nabbed them in Forever21, ON SALE. Yeah you heard me, on SALE! Cha-ching! Anyhow, lately I've become overly obsessed with everything bohemian. Most of my Pinterest account is full of Free People images, gem stone jewellery and dreamcatchers. Although this outfit doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME I'M A FREE SPIRITED GODDESS", I reckon this skirt brings a bit of that vibe into it.

Onto the second word of this post, FUR! I'm not a huge fan of faux fur coats but I do often find myself caressing the odd stole. However, I do own a faux fur coat inspired by the snow leopard species. Also, apologies for the overuse of "faux", I don't want anyone to think I own a real fur piece for the fear of misunderstood abuse. If that sentence made any sense then great and if it didn't then never-the-fuck-mind (I'm going a bit insane). I bought this stole in the New Look sale around 2 or 3 years ago for €7 and it's perfect for wintering up a summery outfit.

I have a little video to go along with this outfit so make sure to watch that, it'll be down below. Make sure to like the vid and subscribe if you fancy!




  1. Love this look so much ! Really nice !

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  2. Ah loving the whole boho vibe of this outfit!

  3. such a gorgeous outfit! i love your bag :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup