Thursday, 28 August 2014

Festival Faces

SO, EP (Electric Picnic - a major Irish Festival) is literally around the corner, as in TOMORROW, and I thought I'd do a really quick post on what I would do to my face/hair if I had the pleasure of going (which I don't, boo!)


This look has been the rave at most festivals this summer (geddit? laaaaawl) I've succumbed to the bindi and I'm not ashamed (although I'd only really ever wear them to a festival). Who knew that we'd all be sporting the Hindu's decorative spot this summer? I sure as hell didn't see it coming. It's so easy to do and cheap as chips! I bought a packet of these stick on jewels in the Hobby Shop for less than €2. I nearly feel as if I'm donning a bejewelled unibrow but it only looks like that from certain angles. Eeep. 



I didn't come up with this myself, Dior did, in their S/S 14 show - those eyebrows - ermagherd! This summer, I promised myself that if I got to go to a festival I would don sparkly slugs. But that was way back in June and now it's nearly September and I've been nowhere. Boo. So I thought I would scramble up a quick post and inspire all you EP goers to rock this look. It's so damn cool! I bought glittered glue in the Hobby Shop, it's called Glitz It Glitter Glue and it was only around €3. Instead of having to apply glue then sprinkle on glitter, it's much easier to buy this stuff and squeegee it on as you go. P.S How cool is my sister's headband? She made it when she was at The Secret Garden Party two years ago.


I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS! My sister Polly found hair chalks in Penneys/Primark for €2.50(!?) so I used them on the ends of my hair to recreate that dip dyed hair Lauren Conrad had. It was much more effective to wet your hair and then to apply the colour instead of applying them on dry hair, which didn't really work at all. That's why my hair is slightly frumpy and not beautifully waved - it's wet and slightly back-combed from the rubbing in of the chalks. 

So there you go! I hope I've inspired some of you festival peeps with these looks. ENJOY whatever festival you're going to for the remainder of the summer, especially you lucky EP people!




  1. Super cool blog post ! love the looks !


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