Friday, 20 June 2014

Shoe Wishlist

Shoe Wishlist

Senso Boots // ASOS Birks // TOPSHOP Mules // Kurt Geiger courts

"When I feel bad I treat myself. Clothes never look any just makes me always fit."

- Rose Feller, In Her Shoes

No matter how much your body changes, your shoes will always fit. Whenever I'm having a bad day clothes shopping I end up buying a pair of shoes. I've recently had a massive wardrobe clear-out, (which will soon be on my Depop, find me @latestlil), and I've realised I had a mountain of boring sky-high platform heels from my teen years. I usually buy shoes that will never fail me, but once in a while I reckon sometimes you need to wear funky shoes to stand out a little. Now, the leopard print courts here are a fail safe but I just LAAAV the print and shape, they would jolly up any outfit while adding a sneaky pop of print.  The mules, despite sharing names with the mistake offspring of a horse and donkey, they are anything but a mistake. At first I didn't really like the idea, then after a while, they just grew on me. This pair from Topshop aren't too high and have a thick heel making them SO much more comfortable to walk in. The heel is also gold, like a brushed gold, it's quite hard to see in the picture. SOZ. I don't need to talk about those Senso boots up there, JUST LOOK AT THEM! Ermagherd, I'm dying looking at them. DYING! I WANT THEM SO BADLY! Lastly, these Birk' inspired flats, I fell for the powder blue and the one buckle strap. I really didn't like Birkenstocks at the start either but now I can't get enough of them! Catch my latest outfit post rocking my Penneys/Primark pair HERE.



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  1. Those Senso booties are pure awesome! Love the selection you made :)
    The Butterfly Effect