Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Shirtdress: New Look // Trainers: Nike at Lifestyle Sports // Jumper: Minusey // Sunglasses: Penneys/Primark

Excuse the moody/awkward expression on my face in these shots. My sister Flora and I were being eaten by midges (a rotten species of fly, basically a mini mosquito) while trying to get the right snaps as quick as possible. 

I bought this jumper a while ago from Minusey, which is a pretty snazzy website really. Anyhow, I've always wanted to pair it with a white collar, but never really knew how I was going to style it differently to the way I saw everyone else styling theirs. If you're not into your fashion and you happen to be reading this, this particular jumper was a fad a few months ago, nearly everyone had one, real or fake. Mine's fake btw. A bloody good fake to be fair! Then I stumbled across this New Look dress that I've had for yonks and thought "Oooohh heeeeeey, you'd look nice with my jumper!" Popped on my free runs and specs and voila! An outfit!

The only thing now, is that I'm sharing this outfit on here but I haven't actually worn it anywhere yet. And I really like it. So if you see me on the street someday in this get-up, please don't point and laugh and judge me with the "oh my god she's wearing the same outfit twice" accusation. 




  1. love this outfit! those trainers are amazing :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. I like how you styled this! X


  3. Super fab look ! Love the shirt and the jumper together !

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