Monday, 28 April 2014


Shirt: Missguided // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: ASOS // Sunglasses: New Look // Earrings: ASOS

How awesome is this fricking shirt? I know I go on about my hips all the time in my posts but because they're constantly growing horizontally I find it hard to find shirts that sit flush along my bottom half. And I love shirts, apart from the times when it gets too hot, then I stress, then I'm tugging at the collar because it feels like I'm going to choke. But other than that, they're the bomb! So chic and sophisticated. Anyway, the deal with this shirt is that it's cropped. But not that awful cropped where it's just covering the bottom of your boobs so that if you were to lift your arms up they'd peep out. No, the nice kind of cropped, the type where you can show a little midriff but still keep your dignity. This shirt has the right kind of flow too which is vital for me.
My shoes are a recent purchase too, my new babies. I'm so in love! I've wanted a pair of leopard print slip-ons for a while, so when I spotted them on ASOS I was clicking "add to cart" before I knew I was even doing it. 
This outfit is one that I'd probably wear to college or shopping on a nice day, comfortable in my Jamie jeans and trainers but still keeping it trendy with a shirt and funky specs. 
ALSO I should probably say a big thanks to my sister Flora who took these photos for me. There you go, Flo, SPANKS!



p.s here's a shot of the dinky donks: Mary and Thistle, and I  - Mom and Flora were adamant on taking shots of me with them. So here's one - aren't they LAVELY?


  1. Your such a stunner! I love the slip ons x

  2. I love the look ! Especially the shoes and sunnies !

  3. That shirt is such a find! Looks great on you! :)


  4. Love the sunglasses and the shirt. My wardrobe is screaming out for some pastel blue! xx