Monday, 3 February 2014


Jumper: My mums /// Jeans: Pennys/Primark /// Heels: ZARA /// Sunnies: eBay /// Bag: eBay /// Belt: River Island

Last weekend, I attempted to play around with my new lens for my camera that I recently bought. Looking back, my posture in these snaps is horrendous and it ain't my most favourite post either but because I haven't posted in ages I thought I'd pick some decent ones and pop them up! 

It's a work in progress but I've always wanted my outfit posts to have that blur in the background and in these pictures I think my darling Mummy did very well achieving it! 

This is a pretty chilled outfit, these jeans are my new obsession! Although I don't think they particularly suit me I just had to buy them anyway. I've always wanted a pair of "mom" jeans or the legit Levi's pair but because of my pear shape, my poor old thunder thighs never fit into any of this style of jeans, until, I found a pair in Pennys/Primark! I had to go a size up which makes them a bit loose around my waist but they fit! Also what I really like about them is the light material, it's not such heavy duty denim. I bought my heels on sale in ZARA and I absolutely ADORE them but they hurt my feet so bad I think I'll have to sell them (sad face). My sunnies and bag; you can find the links to them HERE from an "eBay Bargains" post I did a while back. 

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Lil xo



  1. Love the look ! Your shoes are GORGEOUS !

  2. Fab pics....your Mummy deffo got some blurred background going on!!
    Need this bag too :)

  3. I hate when I find shoes I love that hurt like hell.

    FYI I'm giving away a Folkster Fedora over on the blog... ;)

  4. such a gorgeous look! your shoes are to die for! xx

  5. hello! Love your blog..I have nominated you for the liebster award, a blog award that promotes blogs with under a few hundred followers. To found out what you have to do next could you please check out my blog...everything will be explained on there! thanks! x

  6. Loving the jeans! I'd most certainly look like a knob if I tried to rock a pair haha :)



  7. Lil you are simply fab! :)
    I'm in DIT these days, I'll probably see you around soon :)

  8. Need these jeans, can't believe they're from Penneys! I'll be hotfooting it down there tomorrow :) I wish my mam was as good as yours at taking photos haha
    Lucy x

  9. nice look :)

  10. Great post!!
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses