Saturday, 30 November 2013

eBay Bargains

Recently I've been buying a lot of bits and bobs from eBay and some of you have been asking for links, so I thought I would do a post with all my eBay purchases so far with all the links and mini reviews. I gotta give credit to Ciara from Wild Child Stories who I nabbed this idea of an "eBay Bargains" post from - she's kindof the queen of eBay! 

Let's get a crack on...

1. JOHN LENNON'S - I'm so obsessed with this shape of sunglasses I bought two pairs. The red tinted pair are a little bit more sturdier than the black ones, which are fairly flimsy, but for how much they were I couldn't care less!
Black link : :
Red tinted link: :

2. "Y" BAG - I thought this YSL dupe bag would be a little bit bigger than it turned out to be for the price it was. I've grown to love it for the size it is though. AND what I quite liked about it is that you can clip off the chain too!
Link :

3. HUFF SOCKS - I saw do a print like this on dresses and two pieces and desperately wanted them but couldn't afford 'em. I stumbled across these while looking for quirky printed socks. They're soo thick and really good quality - big thumbs up!
Link :

4. STATEMENT NECKLACE - I spotted this necklace on a few bloggers from which I grabbed the link which they provided so I didn't find this myself, I'm just spreading the neck candy luuuuurve. It's fabulous.
Link :

5. KENZO JUMPER - This is the item I've had people asking for, well, finally there's the link! Really good quality for the price it was, thick and warm!
Link :

  Let me know if you liked the post and want to see more?





  1. Nice deals :)

  2. Love the bag.. :)


  3. Those Lennon sunglasses :O
    Definitely getting a pair of them , they are amazing!! :)
    Hannah Xx