Thursday, 10 October 2013

Press Previews and Features

First of all I would like to say a ma-HOO-sive sorry to you all for my lack of posts lately. I started a new degree course studying Journalism this September and have been busy settling in and moving all my things back up to Dublin. 
While I've been up here I was invited to numerous press previews which was pretty exciting for me as I've only ever been to one so far! First up was's Christmas collection which was held in the oh so cool venue; House Dublin on Leeson street. Mulled wine and Michael BublĂ© set a very cosy festive scene. This whole collection was prints and sequins as you can clearly see from these pictures. My top picks were a pink sequin top, a dusty pink tulle skirt, a leather quilted top with paneling and a perspex clutch with red snakeskin edging. 

Above are some of my favourite shoes and accessories from the event. And BELOW is something seriously exciting, HOORAY! A few weeks ago the team at contacted me wondering if I was interest in giving my opinion on Irish fashion and style. The project was to get bloggers from around the UK and Ireland to voice their thoughts on each of their area's style and I was asked to represent Ireland. A few days ago I received an e-mail with the finished piece, and here it is! All you Irish folk reading this I do hope I did you proud!

The next event I went along to was Schuh's new collection. This event was held in Kelly's Hotel on South Great George's street. The two girls from Schuh, Lucy and Dominique, were absolutely LOVELY! They made me feel very welcome and at ease offering drinks, sweets and fabulous portions of meusili. To make this event even better they had a small stall from Tropical Popical in doing nail art on whoever wanted it. The theme was 90's neon so I opted for multicoloured leopard print.
I totally fell in luuuurve with a pair of white chunky boots with black soles (bottom left). My second favourite were definitely the silver metallic strappy sandals (top left). I died and went to shoe heaven, and got my nails done while I was there.

River Island
The minute I walked into River Island's show space I was flabbergasted. Er-ma-gherd. I was totally blown away. Soft furs and mohairs, disco sequins, vibrant and pastel colours and terribly on trend prints and textures.

Below are my top four picks from the collection. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Some fabulous detailing and prints. 

My ultimate favourite shoes and accessories. Especially that giraffe print clutch underneath those red gloves. The detailing and embellishment in River Island is always impeccable. I'm getting excited about this collection even writing about it! 

Most of the collections will be hitting shops late October / early November so keep those peepers open for when these hit stores.

On another note, for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (links below), I was also featured in an Irish Fashion Magazine, U Magazine, with a two page spread which was pretty snazzy!

I'm pretty much settled now into my apartment so I'm gonna get cracking on some outfit posts. The thing I'm most excited about is that there'll be no more green grass and fields in the backgrounds of all my photos. I'm going to try and vary my locations this year!
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  1. OMGGG at that blue RI skirt! this all looks amazing, stoked for it to come out! x

  2. I attended the Schuh press event last year, it was my favourite one. Especially when we got to chose a pair of shoes!

    1. Yeah, that was the best part! haha I'm waiting for mine to arrive!

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    Katherine Unique

    1. Thank you Katherine! I'll check yours out now!

  4. All the events look uh-mazing! I love the clutches at boohoo and all the furry pastely things at river island looked gorgeous :)

    Rose xo

    1. Yeah everything was so christmassy!

  5. So many amaze pieces...want want want !!
    Yay...I'm your 100th follower :)

  6. Some amazing pieces, I love River Island, I'd love to style the blue skirt x

    1. Yeah River Island are producing really good stuff!

  7. Hey Lil, I love your blog, your DIY's are the best!

    Please check out my blog if you have time :)

    1. Hey, thanks! Yeah sure I'll check it out now!

  8. I love the new look of your blog. It's really fresh. I could do with sprucing mine up! I've never ordered anything from Boohoo but I'm tempted now...

  9. Great post. So cool pieces!
    Would you like to follow each other? I follow you via gfc now.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. All are beautiful!!!!

  11. great blog hun! those white boots from Schuh have just gone on sale online! I cant wait to get my hands on them

    kirsty xx