Thursday, 12 September 2013


Last Thursday I had the pleasure of trotting along (very quickly as I was late, due to a series of unfortunate events - I'll get to that) to new Irish designer, Colin Horgan's SS'14 show in Dublin which  kicked off Dublin Fashion Festival #DFF - hit that up on Twitter yo. 
Thankfully I wasn't so late that the show started without me. I took my place, after a test run of the catwalk to find a chair - I'm sure all you bloggers spotted me do that. Then the slight mummer of conversations between fashion folk lessened, the music began and the first model emerged from the door beside me. 
A mostly monochrome collection with hints of cobalt and orange-red stunned the audience. Androgynous accents and feminine hemlines and curves were a strong factor along with peek-a-boo cutouts also appearing in many pieces.  Strong, patent leather and rubber against sheer organza set complimenting contrasts. 
For me, this collection oozed power woman with futuristic vibes yet containing a ladylike air to it all.

Colin, who is in his final year in LSAD, is most definitely drafting a new path in Irish design. And what can I say but THANK GOD! No more playing it "safe" for the ol' conservative biddies. I undoubtedly expect we'll be seeing his designs on the LFW runways in the future. Simone and JW, watch yo backs!

Scroll down to catch some pictures I snapped of the show

Here I am with Amelia from La Femme Eclectique , her blog is fantastic for supporting Irish design, discovering new labels and info and reviews of all the vintage stores and fairs around Ireland. She also helped me find my way to the destination of the show. It was wonderful to meet her, I'm slowly ticking off the list of bloggers I've met that I have web friendships with. 

After winning two tickets to the Young Designer of the Year Awards on the same evening, my friend Lorraine who I bought along with me to the event, and I decided to book a hostel to stay in. Having assumed that I could check in to the hostel after 12 to get changed, I arrived into Dublin in my comfy jeans and t-shirt. After discovering that check-in was at 2:30 I had really made an ASS outta u and me. With two big carrier bags I swapped over a few things to leave just my make-up and my outfit for Colin's show in one bag. I was able to leave the other bag at the hostel for safe keeping. I needed to find somewhere to get changed and do my make-up and the best place I thought of where I could go in in one outfit and come out in another without anyone noticing would be Pennys. So I walked down there, picked a few things to get into the changing room, spent around half an hour getting ready and came out a whole new gal! I then lugged my bag back, being too embarrassed of arriving back to the hostel in a different outfit I left my bag in an internet cafe where they have lockers for bags too. How fabulous is my blogger life?
I had some time to spare so I sat in the Starbucks in BT2 and watched the world go by while charging my phone. The show was scheduled to start at 2pm so I started to make my way at quarter to. I used to rely on Google maps to help me find certain buildings on streets but this time it totally led me astray. Yeah, I know where South William street is but if you ask me where no.23 is on the street I wouldn't have a clue. I was a bit lost and it was coming close to 2pm. I remembered that Amelia from LFE was going to be at the same show so I quickly tweeted her and thankfully she tweeted me back with directions. I arrived in, hot and flustered looking for a chair while onlookers gawked up at me and I replied to their gawks with wimpish smiles and "hellos" as if I knew them. HELLO!? Why was I saying hello!? Nerves I guess. I didn't find a chair so I had to stand which I didn't mind but I was the only invitee standing which didn't help my social awkwardness. But I forgot about that after I started chatting to the girl beside me, Jenny, who's just started her blog JY30. So apart from all my mishaps, looking back I had a really good time and enjoyed the show immensely. I'll have the YDOY Awards post up tomorrow with outfit deets and errrrthang so keep an eye out for that.

ALSO to find out more about Colin check out his website >>HEEEERE<<

Here's an instasnap of what I wore to the show. My sisters old check shirt (it's Ralph Lauren - ooh lala), Forever21 trousers and Topshop boots. 



  1. Nice collection!

  2. Awh gorgeous post Lily, thanks a million for the mention!! Hope you don't mind if I sneakily use the same pic of us two for my post (linking back of course!) ;)

    Amelia xx

    1. Thanks Amelia! No probs and yes of course use away! x