Friday, 16 August 2013

OOHLALA Launch & Blogger Awards

 For all my oversea readers OHHLALA is a new Irish fashion magazine. Recently they had a competition held between all fashion and beauty bloggers across Ireland. Sadly I didn't get shortlisted (maybe next year *fingers crossed*) and along with other bloggers that didn't make the cut we were invited to the awards which also coincided with the launch of the magazine. 

I didn't bring a camera along with me because unfortunately my mother took my case for my DSLR and well I didn't trust myself bringing it without one. So I relied on my Iphone5 which usually has really good quality although for some HORRIBLE reason it decided to act up on me. The flash went funny and most of my photos came out blurry. Wehh *sad face*.

Up to an hour and a half to the launch I didn't have an outfit. Sure I had the makings of one but I wasn't happy with it. I found this pleather skirt in Topshop while desperately looking for something and decided just to get it and prayed it would look good with something I brought up with me. And it did! Well I think so anyway. I bought this silver top in a charity shop a few months ago for €1! Sweeeeet! My shoes are from New Look, they're quite a recent purchase and my feather clutch is from good ol' Pennys/Primark.

When I arrived at the destination (late - typical me) I felt a little over-dressed. There were some people there in converse and shorts and I just thought OH MY GOD I'm like Bridget Jones at the vicars and tarts party. But then I walked further in and saw more people dressed in "blogger" attire (if I can say that!?). PHEW!

The evening was really fun, I didn't get to meet half the people I wanted to meet because it was so crowded and busy and my poor eyesight doesn't help either. But I chatted to some lovely bloggers, watched the Pennys/Primark A/W '13 preview show, sipped a few G&T's and then trotted back to the hotel with Polly (my sister and plus one) and CONKED.




  1. I love the top !!

  2. That skirt was a very good impromptu purchase! It's gorgeous!

  3. Wow what a gorgeous outfit! That top is such a great find! Same thing happened to me, my iphone acted up that night as well! Half my pics were aaawful!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I absolutely LOVE it! Ugh I was so annoyed the pics didn't come out! :(

  4. i love everything you're wearing. it looks like you had it perfectly planned out. fair play for sorting it out so quick!x