Tuesday, 2 July 2013

RIVER ISLAND A/W '13 Preview - Dublin

A few weeks ago I was invited to go up to Dublin and attend the press event for RIVER ISLAND's A/W '13 preview. And oh my god was I shitting a brick, a house even.
Of course I was absolutely over the MOON and so excited to go but I was quite nervous as this was my first invite to a preview event.  The likes of Ireland's top bloggers, stylists and magazine editors attend these events so you can imagine I was quite overwhelmed. 
BUT, I went. Fell for the new collection, took some snaps and met a fellow blogger; Fiona from Wardrobe Resurrection - who is LOVELY by the way! Check her blog out >>>HERE<<<

This collection had everything you need to complete your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter. The biggest factor that sprung out at me was texture and fabric. From neoprene to leather, fur, embellishments, quilted, tapestry, wool and sequins. Some pieces had a combination of these; a jumper with woolen sleeves, sweaters with embellished sleeves and leatherette bodies and a tapestry skirt with sequins.  My senses were in a whirlwind of aesthetic.  There were pieces that tipped into each style from grunge, ladylike, oriental, minimalist, 80's (especially the mohair wool pieces) and loads more.
This jumper really caught my eye with the contrasting sleeves.
I LOVE THIS JACKET! It is perfection!
This was the Chelsea Girl rail which is a concession brand at RI. I loved the black quilted effect faux fur jumper
PRINTS! Yes I spotted a few printed lovelies also, especially a jumper mimicking Kenzo's retro leopard print. There were check prints, oriental, floral, a monochrome baroque midi skirt that jumped out at me immediatly and a few mix and match prints - think art deco.
This midi skirt was AMAZING! The white print was a sort of leather appliqued on. It felt super cool.

Some say less is more but for River Island this season accessories are BIG and BEAUTIFUL. Belts are bold and gold inspired by Versace and Balmain. Statement necklaces are bejeweled in candy and electric colours. Hats are quirky and colourful. Bags are an assortment of neutral shades with the odd pop of colour, print and studding. Fur stoles to keep your shoulders warm and jazz it up with gold body jewelry.
Some of my face accessories at the event

LOVED the bowler hats and cat face beanie!
An finally...shoes. My favourite part. Gold details and leopard print with a splash of blue and pastel shades. Pointed courts and strappy numbers to make sure your legs look absolutely gawjus!

This ended up to be quite a long post..but hey, the more pictures the merrier!
It was a really good day, the PR team were super friendly and I was so happy to finally meet another blogger, Fiona, in person!
Delighted to say that my press preview day cherry has been POPPED!
Left: Outfit I wore to the event. Right: River Island red leather jacket - I'm in LOVE!

Me and fellow Irish Blogger Fiona from Wardrobe Resurrection 

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  1. omg great post!
    let me save my money i see some lush items
    that jacket is amazing x

  2. A great detailed review! So nice to finally meet you. Be seeing you soon xx

  3. Wow very lucky ! I love River Island ! :)


  4. thats so exciting you got to go! so jealous xx


  5. cute outfit there

  6. Amazing clothes!

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