Monday, 29 July 2013

Outfit Post: Neon POP!

I don't know if I have much to say about this outfit...basically I just put it together and I loved it! I'm not a HUGE fan of monochrome despite the hype but I do find myself subconsciously wearing it a lot. I bought this top with a 20% off voucher in New Look so I got it for a measly €13. The three shades going on here are pretty cool and especially the mesh shoulder inserts. Usually when I see or hear of mesh inserts I think of those tight crop tops and bodies revealing a little too much of a girls cleavage. It's a relief to have it on a loose fitting top showing off a part of the body that's not so risqué. My necklace is from New Look too! I usually set a price for buying jewelry - I try not to buy any one piece over a tenner and this one cost €15. But I fell in love and had to get it.
  Then this skirt, oooooh this skirt. It's from ZARA. I nabbed it on sale for €30 and I laaave it. Not too loose not too tight and I reckon it flatters my pear shaped figure. These boots are my most beloved black pair I own. They were such a bargain for €50 in the Topshop sale! I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned that in other posts where I'm wearing these. OH WELL!

Drop a comment below and lemme know whatcha fink!?





  1. Love love love the look ! Totally my style !

  2. got similar boots from new look
    love this look gurl :)
    Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

  3. It's a really cool look honey :)
    Follow you via GFC...
    Hugs :)

  4. LOVE the neon against the duller tones, the necklace really pulls the look together x x x