Thursday, 6 June 2013

D.I.Y - Fringe Earrings

So lately I'm noticing a LOT of fringing. Obviously because it's summer and everything is snipped into strips. But I've come across (let's call it a mini trend) fringed earrings. They look really cool (I use the word cool a lot) and are perfect for the festival season and can transform a regular look to a hip hoppity hippie or a glam gypsy. 

So let's get fringey!

You will need:
Some fringing (obvs) - I got mine in a cute lil store in Powerscourt Dublin called A. Rubanesque - It has the most AMAZING fringing, ribbons, lace was like a material dreamworld.
Bead caps/toppers
The little essentials you need to make earrings - I don't know ANY of the proper names but you'll see them in the pic - I bought all of this stuff in Beads and Bling on Wellington Quay D2.
Jewelry pliers  - I didn't have a pair so I attempted to use the ones we had in the tool box..they didn't work.
Fabric glue

Roll up the fringing until it fits into the cap

Add some glue to the inside of the fringe so that it sits like this without unraveling  

Add some glue to the top - only a little!

Place the bead cap on top and let it sit for a few minutes until the glue dries

Push the wire up the middle of the fringe through the top of the cap keeping the loop at the bottom

Slide the wire through the loops of the hooks and bend at the desired length

Bend the remainder of the wire and wrap around the original piece. I could have done this A LOT tidier if I had proper pliers and loops but I was too eager to do this D.I.Y and really who's going to be looking THAT close at my earrings!?


 I gave them a lil snip 'cause they were quite long too.

There you go! 
Pretty easy if you put your mind to it!
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Also if you're not much of a creative cat I spotted Galway fashionista Sinead from Cotton Face Vintage selling them for a great price HERE



  1. Aww you're so creative- you've made me want to go back to making accessories and clothes :) The earrings looks great!!

    Ruth x

  2. so neat! i'm going to make something similar to put on my handbags! thanks for the inspiration - your earrings look great :-)

    bec X

  3. Hi Lily,

    Great post! Thank you for the follow. I am most certainly following back :D

    Naomi O

  4. What a great idea, I love clever DIY's, will have to try this one day :) Thanks for stopping by earlier, following you on GFC now! B x

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