Monday, 20 May 2013

D.I.Y - Holographic Collar Tips

I think from now on I'll create a mood board for every D.I.Y. A compilation of inspirational pictures really helps me get my creative groove on and it gives you (my readers) a clearer insight into what my D.I.Y is all about. I also did a post back in January which you can read HERE which is inspired by this trend of shiny metallics and holographic material.

So all you need for this D.I.Y is
Any shirt with a collar - I had this old vintage one hiding in my closet
Fabric glue
Scissors (not pictured) 
Bowl (not pictured)

*I really need to start picturing everything you need, I have a habit of forgetting to include it all. Sorry Dah-lings!

So I had seen a tutorial that had said that if you pour hot water on a CD and leave it to stand in a bowl for a few minutes it separates the plastic of the CD and the shiny side. Unfortunately this didn't work for me as the CD's I had didn't actually have two sides. BUT leaving it in boiling water softened it which made it easier to cut. 

So I chopped it into lots of different shapes...

Then arranged them out how I wanted them to appear on the collar and glued 'em on!

Then go outside and look at it gleam! 
*Note - it works best in the sun. It will seriously blind any on comers.

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  1. Waaaa! This is mental but i kinda like it! :) Have you worn it much?


    1. Haha thank you! It's a bit wacky but thought I'd give it a go! I haven't actually gotten the chance! It's so dull and gloomy at the moment I'm waiting for the sun to shine! Popped on to your site, your stock is uh-mazing! :) xo

  2. Love the way you've customised your shirt! Does it stay on when you wash it?

    Marmie Bell
    ^ Give it a cheeky check out?

    1. Thank you! I haven't had to wash it yet but fabric glue survives the wash so i'm sure it will stay on. But to be safe I'll probably hand wash it!