Thursday, 2 May 2013

D.I.Y - Beaded Fringe Top

It feels like aaages since I did a D.I.Y. I've been meaning to do a fringe top but I wanted to change it up a bit from your regular fringe. It's about time I did it now seeing as we're approaching festival season. I found a few beads from an old set I had when I was a kid and thought they'd look cool on the ends of the fringes. 

So, what you need:
An old t-shirt (or new, whatevs!)
Fabric scissors
A marker (not pictured - preferably a laundry marker)
A selection of coloured beads

If there is a thick seam at the bottom of your top, which there was on mine, cut it off being careful not to make the edges jagged. 

Turn your top inside out and draw lines where you want to cut along and how far you want to cut them. I ended up cutting thicker lines than these. Also don't fuss too much about all the strips being equal.

After cutting all the strips pull the ends until they curl up like this. 

Thread the beads through. I threaded mine up to about an inch and then tied a knot to prevent them falling off.
Cut the remaining material so that the beads are at the end and there you go! Finito!

Here are some pics of it on!

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  1. i might have to be doing this, it looks really good x