Sunday, 21 April 2013

Barcelona Photo Diary

Here's a small post with a lot of pictures from my trip to Barcelona. A lot of it is mostly Gaudí's designs and's too beautiful to hide! What I was mostly obsessed with taking photos of was big doors, mosaics and the vibrant colours in the markets.
There's a few photos of me, my sister and Lorraine who we visited over there,her friend Vanessa and the terribly friendly locals we met; Pilar, Sergi, Alberto, Alex and Rishi who showed us the real Barcelona!
It was such a fun experience and I would definitely recommend visiting! I'm planning my return already!

Hope you enjoyed the post!



  1. Great pictures! I didn't know my city was so beautiful :P
    I really hope to see you again asap, we had a great time partying with you all!!
    Me la pela,

    1. It's beautiful!! Yea we definitely wanna come back!
      Haha mela pela! *waving my arms about*