Saturday, 2 March 2013

D.I.Y - Ribbon Chain Necklace

Yay another D.I.Y post!

So this one is inspired by all the colourful jewellery coming into the shops for SS '13. Gold, silver and bronze mixed with bright colours in all different textures. Whether it's perspex, ribbon or thread it's all "IN".

So lets get started....All you need is:

A long piece of ribbon - any colour any width depending on how you want your necklace to look.
A chunky chain - I found this gold one in Pennys/Primark for €4.

When I uploaded the photos those annoying dates came up on the pictures and I haven't the foggiest idea how to get rid of them so excuse them if they are distracting!

I put the chain on my mannequin just to make it easier threading the ribbon but if you don't have one, put it on a friend or just lay it out  flat.

Starting at the back of the necklace thread the ribbon through the links. You can either glue one end of the ribbon on one end of the chain or tie it. I decided to tie it so I can wear the chain plain or with the ribbon whenever I want!

Keep threading until you get to the other end and Voilà!

It's so easy to do and adds a bright punch to your jewellery. I hope you enjoyed this lil D.I.Y, comments and followers are welcome!

Happy Saturday