Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sandal Strap

No.1 Forever21, no.2 Zara, no.3 Topshop, No.4,5 ASOS, no.6 River Island

I've always loved shoes. But not ALL shoes. There's always a few styles that you just never like and wonder why the hell do people wear them? Well, I felt this way about these strappy heels until not so song ago. Don't get me wrong they always looked so chic on celebrities with their LBD's back in the 90's, √° la Jennifer Anitson for example, but to wear them myself? I cringed at the thought. I figured the only reason anyone should ever buy these shoes would be to go with their Debs dress - hidden under a sea of taffeta. Back then I was your average 4-5 inch court kinda gal but NOW...I've broadened my horizons and I'll wear just about anything that's affordable and fits. And that's how I've come to write this ickle post on my new obsession. A new love sprung from (not my only) hate. Like my take on good old Willy Shakes?

After seeing this style of shoe reoccurring  year after year, I have developed a somewhat desire now to own a pair. They are so feminine, chic and effortless.  For some reason I looove the way a strap looks around an ankle - it screams COOL. And that's what it is. Cool. So to be cool I need a pair. And a pair I will get..maybe two.

So up above there are my favourite picks from different shops around. There are a few styles, colours and prints like these also in Pennys/Primark but I couldn't find any photos to put up here. *sad face* I can't decide which is my favourite though - go for a pop of colour in River Island or play it safe with black in Zara. Hmmmm...what do YOU think??

Lil :)

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  1. how funny I bought number 4 a few days ago... ;)

    xo Daisy

  2. think 3 and 4are my favourite!! so lush! <3 <3